Many of you may have noticed that I have begun using more UNDA number compounds in my practice.  To expand upon my knowledge of this therapy, I recently attended Dr. Sharum Sharif’s seminar on Biotherapeutic Drainage and UNDA Number Compounds.  Drainage is a modality that focuses on both optimizing organ function and detoxification.  The presentation was congruent with my goals for helping people to obtain optimal wellness with a focus on stimulating the Vis and in many cases supporting the organs of elimination.

There are many lists and formulas people use for obtaining optimal health and although I do not recommend following a specific protocol per se, benefit can be obtained by reviewing components they illuminate.  Attendance at the seminar reminded me of the “Seven Steps to Healing” derived by Dr. Mikhael Adams.  Biotherapeutic Drainage contributes to the 2nd step to healing.

The following is a pared-down version of the 7 Steps as they are generally understood.  These considerations can be greatly expanded upon, and I would love to discuss the ways in which these steps can be tailored and adapted if this piques your interest.

7 Steps to Healing

  1. Appropriate life factors and proper diet (breath, movement, spiritual practice, fresh air, healthy food, etc.)
  2. Optimize the health of internal organs and/or drainage (UNDA, visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy, herbs, etc.)
  3. Optimize/balance the Chi flow or the internal Vital Energy (homeopathy, acupuncture, manual therapy)
  4. Restoration of bodily tissues (overlap with therapies listed above)
  5. Restoration of musculoskeletal integrity
  6. Nutritional supplementation
  7. Palliation (symptom relief while exploring the root cause)

*In Naturopathic Theory we also explore the “Determinants of Health,” “Obstacles to Cure,” and “Therapeutic Order.”  This winter I will post more information about these on my website:

*Dr. Sharif has a fantastic educational website: