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  • Dr. Marnie Whitley, ND

    Neurology Associates of the East Valley, PLC
    2201 W. Fairview Street
    Chandler, Arizona 85226

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    Profile excerpt:
    Along with naturopathic care, we also provide neurology and psychiatry services at our Chandler location. We take an integrative approach to mental health.

  • Dr. Dora Keating, ND, LMP

    Seattle Nature Cure Clinic
    7621 Aurora Ave N
    Seattle, Washington 98106

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    Profile excerpt:
    Seattle Nature Cure Clinic is an established clinic under the direction Dr. Masahiro Takakura, who is a well-known expert in physical medicine. Practicioners at SNCC provide quality medical care for patients with a wide array of conditions.

  • Dr. Barbara Koudelka, NMD

    RejuveNature Medical
    7747 W. Deer Valley Rd, Suite235
    Peoria, Arizona 85382

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    Profile excerpt:
    When you visit RejuveNature Medical for the first time, you will find that the focus is on wellness, not illness. We take time to listen to our patients, learning about them, their symptoms, and their desire to feel good again. We then formulate a holistic approach to treatment, often using several protocols for best results. We do not simply give drugs to treat symptoms. Caring specialists discuss the various treatment options with you that will promote healing and restore you to your former self.

  • Dr. Michele Burklund, ND

    Nest Integrative Medicine Spa
    523 Chapala Street #2
    Santa Barbara, California 93101

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    Profile excerpt:
    Nest Integrative Medicine Spa located in Santa Barbara

  • Dr. Andrew J. Kaufmann, ND

    Tree of Life Natural Medicine
    459 N. Gilbert Road, Suite A-135
    Gilbert, Arizona 85234

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    Profile excerpt:
    Classical homeopathy for the treatment of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders