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  • Dr. Robin Terranella, ND

    Southwest Integrative Medicine
    4045 e bell road ste 107
    phoenix, Arizona 85032

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    Profile excerpt:
    Our practice of medicine is based on integrative medicine principals offering medical solutions for many simple and complex health conditions. Formally trained as naturopathic doctors and acupuncturists, our doctors have extensive experience and training in conventional medicine as well. With training in both convention, naturopathic, and eastern medicine, we seek only to deliver the least invasive most practical health options for you.

  • Dr. Jason W. Jensen, ND

    Desert Naturopathic Health, LLC
    20045 N 19th Ave, Ste 166
    Phoenix, Arizona 85027

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    Profile excerpt:
    We approach your health concerns in a holistic way. We look at your body as a whole system, not just individual parts, and present treatment options to you that emphasize natural therapies.

  • Dr. Veronica E. Hayduk, ND

    Second Nature Health, LLC
    620 Hungerford Dr. Ste 15
    Rockville, Maryland 20850

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    Profile excerpt:
    Your health care goals are our health care goals! Dr. Hayduk has been in the natural medicine industry in Rockville for over a decade. She successfully treats chronic illnesses of all genders using strictly natural medicine including herbs, homeopathics and more.

  • Dr. Eileen Stretch, ND

    Institute of Complementary Medicine
    1600 E. Jefferson St., Suite 603
    Seattle, Washington 98122-4311

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    Profile excerpt:
    Attaining health is a personal journey that everyone makes at some point in their life. It can be challenging, overwhelming and confusing - but the ultimate reward of well-being and a healthy mind, body, and spirit are within your reach. We can help you get there.

  • Dr. Suzanne Sykurski, ND, LMP, MS

    Alpine Naturopathic Clinic
    535 East Sunset Way Suite C
    Issaquah, Washington 98027

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    Profile excerpt:
    Dr. Sykurski continues to be a leader in HCG weight loss, bio-identical hormones, detoxification therapies, IV (intravenous) chelation and IV vitamin therapies.

  • Dr. Traci Taggart, ND

    2008 NE 65th St.
    Seattle, Washington 98115

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  • Dr. Setareh Tais, ND

    Northwest Center for Optimal Health
    316 State Avenue
    Marysville, Washington 98270

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  • Dr. Elizabeth Trautman, ND, LM

    Columbia Basin Natural Family Medicine
    1025 S Pioneer Way # B
    Moses Lake, Washington 98837-2265

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  • Dr. Michelle Turcotte, ND

    Connected Wellness Center
    2225 152nd Avenue N.E.
    Redmond, Washington 98052

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    Profile excerpt:
    Our goal is to maximize your health without the use of drugs and pharmaceuticals.

  • Conditions treated:

    Dr. Rian Shah, ND

    Shah Family Medicine
    3310 E. Lake Sammamish Parkway SE
    Sammamish, Washington 98075

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