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David Deichert

Dr. David Deichert, ND, ARNP

Integrative Family Medicine

Seattle Healing Arts Center

Seattle, 98115

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Family Practice

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Primary Care



My goal in medicine is to blend my training in naturopathic and conventional western medicine to offer a holistic, integrative approach to practicing family medicine as well as specialty care. I acknowledge the personalized nature of medicine and partner with patients to find the most appropriate, effective therapies customized to each individual. I believe strongly in the role of doctor as teacher and the body’s innate wisdom in restoring health. As such, I advocate for patients to be participants in their healthcare and make informed decisions to reach their goals and needs.

I welcome patients of all ages and of all states of health including acute and chronic conditions as well as those seeking preventative health care to my practice. I have a special interest in treating physical complaints, gastroenterology, thyroid disease, endocrinology, autoimmune disease, allergic disorders, ADHD, diabetes, cardiovascular and chronic diseases.

I enjoy traveling and have spent several months touring throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. More recently, my spare time is spent with my wife Amy and our newest blessing, our daughter Elodie, born in May of 2012. 



Naturopathic Doctor Degree Earned: Bastyr University

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